Our church


Hobe Sound Community Presbyterian Church began as a Sunday School in 1925 with 34 people. The Presbyterian Church USA, Synod of Florida was soon asked to organize the group into a church, which was done in January 1926 with 50 members. Services were held in several locations, including at a school house. In 1931 a building fund was established. By June of 1934, the church had raised $2,000 and resolved to start construction of a church building. A lot on the corner of Adonis St. and Juno Crescent Circle was donated, and construction began.

In the charter of incorporation, formulated in 1934, the church was named The Hobe Sound Community Church. The Trustees were recognized as having the chief authority. On March 11, 1935 a service of Dedication was held for the new church building. The church was served only on a stated supply basis, with the Pastor preaching only in the evening and lived elsewhere where he also served the Stuart Church. When he left at the end of 1938 the church had lost members and was so without funds that the members decided to discontinue the services of a minister and close the church.

For two years the church was closed. In the spring of 1940 the Presbytery sent a representative to the Church to see if it could possibly be reopened. The Presbytery offered $200 for this purpose, and with this and the small honorarium of $5 per Sunday for a minister, the church tried again to hold regular services. Consistent ministry for a few years resulted in membership growth and financial improvement. With much of the labor and materials contributed by Church members and the people of the community, the manse was constructed in 1947. In 1948, under the guidance of a new pastor, a new charter was drawn up, accepted by Presbytery, and the Church was then enrolled under the name “Hobe Sound Community Presbyterian Church.”

Finances always being an issue, in 1952 another new pastor instituted the envelope system of giving. This instilled in the members’ the concept of personal pledging and sacrificial giving, and the financial situation improved. In 1956 it became evident that termites had severely invaded the wooden shingles which would have to be replaced after completion of an expensive job of extermination. The projected cost was prohibitive. However, the new pastor reported that a loan of $1,500 at 4% interest could be secured through a corporation associated with the Presbyterian Church. He suggested that the balance of the money after exterminating and repair, could be spent on refurnishing the interior which had become drab and distressing in its appearance over the years. Once again volunteer labor by expert local skilled carpenters created a new Chancel arrangement that completely transformed the appearance of the Church and gave it dignity and beauty. This is the Sanctuary in which we worship today.

At this same time a generous donor gave a check for $1,500 which completely covered the church’s indebtedness. The donor also offered to engage an architect to design a church school plan with a good size assembly hall and kitchen. Again donated labor was contributed. This donor also contributed to complete refurbishing of the sanctuary, with carpet, cushions, lighting, and new windows of Georgian style. A special feature of unusual distinction are the flowers of the Bible painted in the panels of the ceiling. This was done by Mr. Henry La Cagninia, a talented artist of Jupiter and West Palm Beach. The dedication service for this whole project took place on November 30, 1958. This completed the Church facilities as they appear today. Ongoing maintenance and repairs keep them in good condition, but as things age the maintenance needs and expenses increase substantially.

Since 1958 the Church has been served by 12 Pastors, 4 of them in interim positions. The longest term has been 12 years, from 1987 to 1999, but over the years most pastors have served for two or three year periods. The most recent Pastor, Rev. Dr. Chip Falcone, served for 8 years until, due to a family tragedy, he was given a 6 month leave of absence after which he submitted his resignation in June 2015.